I’ve only just realized – or rather, it’s been pointed out to me – why the images that show here are disappointingly small and fuzzy. You perhaps already understood! They are mere thumbnails, and by clicking on them you can see full-resolution versions that fill the screen. Moreover, if you then click again, you see a magnified detail.

So, a few pictures.


Shadow of rocks in Navajoland.


Shadow of a corral fence in Navajoland.


Overlapping shadows under a piano waiting to be played in the church of San Giovanni, in Lucca.


Shadow in the church of San Michele in Foro, in the central piazza of Lucca.  When I caught sight of this shadow, thrown to one side of the apse because the light casting it had to be fixed on one side of a high arch, I fancied the cross and the shadow might symbolize the archangel Michael and the dark archangel Satan he’s casting out of heaven.


1 thought on “Shadows”

  1. Cool! I’d like to find and post a pic of me on top my mountain when I ‘owned’ it. You don’t land. Land owns you. It ended badly, but I have and incredible pic of me with my shadow exteding way down into the valley.
    Keep’em coming Guy. I’m sorry if I got carried away a few chats ago,,, but I was drunk and totally uninhibited., I’m much better now, thanks…

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