A dull sky

dawn141012Cloudy skies are never dull, at least near dawn or on a coast. The sky was covered with gray cloud, but it was in long soft bars radiating from somewhere to the northeast, and two streaks of rose were appearing.

I shouldn’t be taking time to paint while trying to get Astronomical Calendar 2015 finished.

6 thoughts on “A dull sky”

  1. There is no such thing as a dull sky, indeed! Totally agree and while we were in England and Ireland we were blown away by the rapidly changing, gorgeous, moody skies of the British Isles. Your painting above captures that idea perfectly!

  2. The medium is acrylic, the size is small (only about 6 by 6 inches) because the sketchbook I’m now carrying around is a small square kind. Gets rid of the decision as to whether to start in “portrait” or “landscape” mode!
    Recently were at a Turner exhibition, and learned that in late life he turned to painting square pictures – and round and octagonal ones…

    1. Was the Turner show at the Tate? If so, it’s coming to San Francisco next year. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  3. It’s a beautiful painting. I like how you tilted the canvas to give the horizon the longest possible line. By the way, what is the size and medium of this painting?

    I hope you’ll have enough time to watch the Sun rise, paint, and finish the calendar. I’m certainly looking forward to the calendar.

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