Reason for slight delay

I and my bicycle fell off a cliff into a river (actually I didn’t just fall, I was pushed, but won’t tell the story here). Medics insisted on taking me to a hospital for a day and a half. I had three things ready to post here, and this is to explain why they may arrive in close succession and possibly late for the dates for which they are appropriate.


8 thoughts on “Reason for slight delay”

  1. Guy, I hope both you and your bike are not seriously damaged! Did the dog push you? Take care, Hilary

  2. I’m sorry to hear of this mishap (malhap?). If medical workers thought you needed to be hospitalized, I suspect you may be making light of your injuries. Take good care of yourself. I’m curious if you plan to take action against the person who pushed you.

  3. Well, at least you are okay! But, pushing a person on a bicycle over a cliff confounds me–a new kind of pedestrian road rage? Speedy recovery, Guy–always look forward to your blogs.

  4. Hope all is well. If you are like me, you were more concerned about your wheels than yourself!

  5. That is so frightening! I hope the person who pushed you feels remorse. I too am greatly anticipating this year’s Astronomical Calendar.

  6. OMG!!! Last year I found a bike in the Bronx River while walking my dog. I retrieved it and it seems to be in good shape. Bicycling is the way to go when and where you can, but with a dog, it’s a little difficult. I’m hope you’re well. and just placed my order for Asto Cals…. You didn’t send me notices this year. What’s up with that??!!!

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