“We have seen his star in the east.”

At least seven explanations of what the wise men saw have been offered (as listed in the Christmas section of my Astronomical Companion). Fred Schaaf is working on a book that will reveal the result of his study. Fred is the author of more than a dozen books on astronomy – the one I refer to most often is his biography (as I want to call it) of The Brightest Stars. He is a notably sensitive and appreciative soul, and I know his Christmas star book will radiate the wonder with which he is filled by what he sees in the skies directly or through his telescope. I hope it appears in good time for next Christmas, and I will reserve my thought on the topic till after he has had his say.

Hammock in the snow, and bird-feeder

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    1. No, he’s still working on it (as I heard from him in July). I’m not sure whether he has secured a publisher for it. Or whether he automatically gets to see this comment-chain; will write to him if I don’t hear.

      1. Yes, I made two different replies – I wasn’t sure how the process worked. I’ve meant to inquire about the book several times over the past few months but always got distracted before actually asking. Thanks so much for your update – I’ll keep looking for the book.

  1. Thank you, Guy, Anthony and Jack for your much appreciated comments. I’m hoping to get this new book launched soon.

  2. I am one of many who love and miss Fred’s contributions to the Astronomical Calendar, and wish him all the best.

  3. I greatly enjoy reading Fred Schaaf’s monthly skywatching columns in Sky and Telescope magazine. Schaaf is able to convey the big picture — how the constellations and the planets move through the sky season by season, our experience of the seasons here on Earth, and how our current scientific understanding of the cosmos relates to the sky lore of our ancestors — with admirable simplicity and wonder. Schaaf’s book A Year of the Stars: A Month by Month Journey of Skywatching (2003, Prometheus Books) has been an important teacher for me. I reread each month’s chapter each month, hopefully retaining a little bit more each time.

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