A Reminder from the Virgin

Today at 7 Universal Time the Sun entered Virgo – the constellation, not the zodiacal sign, which it entered back on August 23.

This is very relevant to my blog of yesterday – which may have frustrated you by not opening properly. After all the care I took over it, the moment it was “published” I was informed that clicking on it opened a page about the Astronomical Calendarhttp://universalworkshop.com/guysblog/2015/09/14/sliding-blocks-of-time/, not the blog post itself. I think I see why this happened, and it seems that it can’t be undone, in the sense that the version that poured into your email box will be the same version if you try to open it again. But this will be correct: “Sliding Blocks of Time.”

The Virgin really wants you not to miss the news about her. She is entered every year – twice indeed – yet remains the celestial virgin.


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