Tomorrow morning

A welcome to you if you’ve just learned about this blog. Here’s a welcome from the sky.


I’m sorry that though my welcome is warm, the sky’s may seem cold. The bright planets are still gathered on the morning side of the Sun, so you’ll have to be out before sunrise to see them. It’s getting colder to do that, though it’s also getting easier in that sunrise is later.

My picture shows a few constellation figures just to give an idea of the geography of the sky.  The broader line is the ecliptic, the thinner one is the celestial equator.

Many and different are the coming year’s scenes in Astronomical Calendar 2016, which is right now being printed.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow morning”

  1. Beautiful out my east window at 5:25 this morning in Montreal. (Didn’t have the courage to go outdoors for a better look.) Thanks for the heads up.

    1. And thank you, Marcia. I’m recovering from the sleepless nights of finishing Astronomical Calendar 2016, so I only just got out on my bicycle for the first time in a week, and after sunrise, and clouds covered nineteen-twentieths of the sky, but I didn’t see quite nothing of this scene: there was the Moon, in that twentieth.

  2. Venus has just descended past moderate Mars for an intriguing morning sight. I’m looking forward to reading more about what goes on above! Thanks for you do, Guy!

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