This Easter Sunday is the last Sunday in March, so it is the day when European clocks get twisted an hour forward to “summer” time, two weeks after American clocks.  So now Britain and the eastern US are back to being five hours apart, instead of, for the last fortnight – four?  Or was it six?  Another of those pesky arithmetical two-ways which cause hesitation, at least to me.  Four.

I shall not be saying much for a while, not because I don’t want to discuss clock time or the universe but because we’re embroiled in packing to move.  That makes the universe seem even more remote than it already is, and clocks even more unforgiving.

But here is the exciting part of the sky tomorrow morning.

Morning sky, 2016 March 28


5 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. You said you were taking a few days off to complete your move and then you post a detailed description of Turkish Islands. Your energy level is amazing.

    Your post on Mars, Luna, and Saturn near Scorpius alerted me to enjoy that view on my morning jog today. Thank you (from my heart) for all your astronomical calendars and posts.

    1. Thank you, Rick. We haven’t by any means completed our move, it’s become uncertain what place we will be able to move into two weeks ahead and we may not be able to take the stacks of boxes I’ve filled with books, but one has to take breaks, and my recreation is writing.

  2. And you could also show Comet 252P/LINEAR tracking northward east of Saturn. The comet allegedly should be dimly visible to the naked eye and an easy catch in binoculars, but I’ve had no luck two mornings in a row. The waning gibbous Moon is even brighter than the usual light pollution.

    Good luck with the move. I feel sad that you won’t be living in Lyme Regis any more. I just like saying “Lyme Regis”.

    1. The comet actually appeared in my plot, but I decided to delete it because it displayed an improbably huge tail. I should – if time, which there may not be these months – do something about the current comets, after re-studying them and re-thinking my formulae for brightness and tail size.

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