Not a Crime but a Misery-Reliever

Prohibition of alcoholic drinks was attempted in the United States from 1920 to 1933 and was abandoned because it not only failed but caused a huge surge in violent crime and human tragedy.

The War on Drugs was started in 1914 (by an obsessive racist named Harry Anslinger),

Harry Anslinger

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Queen Bee and Drone

Mercury, overtaking Venus, passes only half a degree north of it as seen by us.

Mercury passing Venus 2016 July 16

Spatial view of the travels of the three inner planets in July, with sightlines from Earth on July 16.  Actually the sightlines are at the beginning (0 hour) of the day by Universal Time.  The overtaking happens at the end of the day, 23h UT (which is 7 PM by summer clocks in eastern North America.  The planets are exaggerated 400 times in size, the Sun 5.  The dashed line is the vernal equinox direction, our customary baseline in the celestial sphere. Continue reading “Queen Bee and Drone”