Misty picture

Commenting on “It Makes Me Smart,” Joan asked “what the picture is of and how does it illustrate ambiguity?”

I thought I should put some picture in, but, yes, what can illustrate “ambiguity”?  Latin ambo means “both”; ambigere was “to go both ways, wamble uncertainly, drive your chariot all over the road.”  All I could think of was a fork in a road, and I searched among my drawings of roads, or those few I have so far found and scanned.  I found this group of sketches that I made when wandering in the Pennines of northern England.  They were on rough pieces of green paper, drawn with pastels (now partly crumbled off) and some use of what looks like markers or ink.  I no longer know where any of them are, or which way I took at the signpost overlooking the misty valley.













5 thoughts on “Misty picture”

  1. The picture you chose to show ambiguity, and your etymology of that word, reminded me of the word trivia by which the same picture could be used along with its etymology as well. Maybe this picture could be considered TWO thousand words.

  2. Wonderful! I look forward to your postings due to the variety of subjects, i.e., Cutty Sark, history of the banner drawing, these drawings, and the celestial topics. I will retrieve these mentally through out my day.

  3. These are fabulous drawings, Guy, you are SO CLEVER in many different ways. Xx

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