First They Came for the Muslims

A pick of the signs at today’s massive London rally.

The crowd packs the political street called Whitehall, and the red lights in the background are on the London Eye, across the river.

I expect you know the words of Martin Niemoeller:

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out, for I was not a Socialist.  Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, for I was not a trade unionist.  Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, for I was not a Jew.  Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

Pastor Niemoeller actually did speak out, and so spent the last seven years of Hitler’s rule in concentration camps.

Jews Against Islamophobia.

Oh, and this gentleman said that what he was carrying was the supper he hadn’t had time to finish, and he was bringing it as an offering to a certain man with orange face and banana-like hairpiece:



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  1. Thank you, Guy. I for one appreciate your political comments, if only for the fact that this is the most fact-denying, anti-science administration that’s ever existed. Climate change? A Chinese hoax. Candidate to run EPA? A guy who tried repeatedly to sue the agency and has vowed to disband it. Draining the swamp? He’s filled his Cabinet with billionaires. Apparently, trickle-down economics – which was thoroughly discredited in the Reagan years – is back in fashion. And if it’s American lives you want to save, you might consider gun control; guns have killed far more Americans than terrorists have. I could go on and on …

  2. Folks….the sentimentality is nice but let’s look at more realities and what will occur when we directly get more aggressive and challenge ISIS on the battlefields…which will be done by the US in cooperation with very weak allies. This aggressive action will greatly increase the probability of more attacks at home. If our boarders are as welcoming and nice as they are now …the risk to attacks at home will greatly increase. FYI… there have been many more spoiled attacks in the US than we are aware of. Also the militants chief weapon is fear…a modicum of more careful vetting does allay some fear and counter the Islamic Militants main weapon here in the US.

    Some additional due diligence at the Borders is possible without prejudice.. These are nasty guys that can penetrate our boarders so we need to stop as many as possible without compromising our values. We can do both…this is not an either/or proposition as the demonstrators and our host seem to be saying.

    Also I thought this site was about astronomy and not an editorial page for CNN.

    1. Robert,you are absolutely correct,this site should be about astronomy.However,I fear our country may be entering a period of axiological paradox.Let me present a hypothetical example-One awakes to discover their home in flames,should one flee for their lives or stop to gather up their belongings?.By extension, you will find that there is no further need for astronomy or any other human construct if this planet were to be reduced to a burned out cinder-Think Iran “raining down missles on their enemies” statement in response to Trump’s overtures.As far as terrorism is concerned,yes you are correct it is a worrisome probelm,although,I find myself more worried about the loosening of gun control in this country once again allowing Americans to kill more Americans then ISIS or any other terrorist faction could ever possibly hope to do !.In the end it is a matter of degree and judgement value that will determine America’s destiny not rhetoric and disinformation.

  3. Guy,I wanted to respond to this post but I find that I have such a dizzying array of feelings on the subject of Mr.Trump and his actions that I can not seem to gel them into anyone particular statement.Has He not learned anything from history or ever bothered to pick up a book on the subject.Does He have the vaguest idea of what America stands for,what it means to the people in the rest of the world and the human blood and sacrifice that has gone into perserving the Dream that is Our America.Does He have even the remotest idea of being poor and down and out.Does He know who’s friend or foe.Will He ever listen to cooler heads or just continue to speak and act without considering the outcomes and on and on and on..Frankly,who can tell.When one considers the Biblical aspects of the times it actually becomes quite scary!.You know,Guy,I have been trying to blame the people who put this Somebody in office-the very ones who will be hurt the most by him but honestly,tragically it’s a fool errand for I know in my heart of hearts that it was really people like me who stood by and did not vote.If you listen very,very closely you can almost hear the distant echos of boots on the ground in Poland!.Sam

  4. First, one should know what the reality is, rather than the hype. Then one should know the context. Then one should know the history of the situation. You may find all of that here: .

    “The Syrian Civil War touched off in 2011. Here are the Syrian-refugee admissions to the U.S. until Obama decided to admit more than 13,000 in 2016:
    Fiscal Year 2011: 29
    Fiscal Year 2012: 31
    Fiscal Year 2013: 36
    Fiscal Year 2014: 105
    Fiscal Year 2015: 1,682”

    Facts are so annoying, aren’t they? But one should try and account them.

  5. I love how everyone compares any political ideology they don’t like with Hitler. I love your Astronomical posts. Your political posts not so much. It is not a travel ban on Muslims in the US. It is a travel ban from seven countries for 90 days until such time as better vetting can be worked out. Common sense and I support it. Terrorism from radical Muslims is on the rise in this country and I for one don’t want to have the problems that Europeans are having right now with them.

    1. The ban is specifically religious. It is on Muslims. Christian migrants from the seven countries are exempted, in fact favored.

      No terrorist from the seven countries has killed anyone in the US.

      The 9-11 bombers were from Saudi Arabia (15 of them), United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon. None of those countries are included in the ban, nor are Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Qatar (where financiers of terrorism are allowed to operate). There are obvious political or business reasons why some of these countries are not penalized.

      The seven countries are not the ones from which come the largest numbers of terrorists. They are the ones from which come the largest number of refugees, driven from their homes by war and persecution. That was the basis for making the Statue of Liberty hold up a “No entry!” hand to them.

      1. Guy,my “Sir,I would suggest a history lesson!”.statement was certainly not directed towards you but was misplaced in response to a statement made by one of your E-Mailers.For one thing how could one ever compare a cunningly smart,hypnotic,primarily evil, ruthless dictator who almost managed to take the world over to our buffoon in chief.The one thing that I would like to point out, while we’re on the subect, was it actually took a long time for people to catch on to Adolph”s ambitions and respond to them- it would have been disasterous not to- our Guy ten days.Wow,that’s got to be a record!.

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