The planet circus in May, and an explanation

This spatial view shows the planets’ paths along their orbits in the month, with sightlines to them from the Earth at May 12.

Spatial view of planets 2017 May

The planets are exaggerated 300 times in size, the Sun 5 times.  A dashed line shows the vernal equinox direction.

The five naked-eye planets are scattered widely around the circle, so that we are in an arid period for conjunctions between them.  The last was when Venus passed Mars on Feb. 2, the next will be when Mercury comes around in front of Mars on June 28.  At present, Mars is the only planet in the sunset scene; Jupiter is higher, not long past its opposition; Saturn is in the high morning sky, rising before midnight; Venus and Mercury. to the “right” (west) of the Sun, are in the morning twilight,

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