Lost comments

Some comments that readers made a while ago have become “unapproved,” as a result of a technical change.  What happened was – well, I’ll explain to anyone who wants to know, but it might be boring.  I have a choice between leaving these few comments in limbo, where they are visible only (and in a rather annoying way) to me, or deleting them.  I don’t feel good about just destroying them (they include some criticism and some extra information), so what I’ll do is copy their texts here, and then delete them.  They are in reverse chronological order, as the blog likes to put them.

2016 December 28, Paul Oleksy:-
My discovery of your amazing publications came at just the right time to feed and foster a new found interest in astronomy that blossomed during a trip to the Southern Hemisphere in the mid 90’s. At the time I knew only the basics and the obvious difference in appearance and orientation of the southern sky made me look up and wonder.
Your Albido to Zodiac, Astronomical Companion and annual Calendars proved the perfect places to find the answers to my questions as well as multitudes of new topics to intrigue me. Your writing style and details expose the ready in the just the right way to make it feel like a discovery is being made with every turn of the page. Just the feeling looking up should be for all willing and curious. In the years since I have learned and shared, with countless friends, the beauty of the night sky on several continents. All appreciate hard work and the knowledge you have given through your publications.
I wish to thank you sincerely for the profound pleasure of discovery and curiosity your work has insighted in me. Soon I will share with you an email containing a painting my wife commissioned and gave to me for my 50th birthday. It’s a rendition of a special activity at a very special place on the shores of Lake Superior in upper Michigan.
I hope you appreciate the beauty in it and I hope you know that part of that captured moment owes thanks to you and your peerless work.

2016 November 10, Dan Brown:-
You should stick to astronomy and keep your nose out of American politics.

2015 December 9, Crystal:-
I have ,for years ,so enjoyed learning the sky and what to watch for from your enlightening work ! I’m sad to see this work pass as things in print of this nature are a great resource,and I will be looking at your blog regularly and look forward to updates . Thanks for enriching my understanding of the heavens !

2015 November 23, Greeley Wells:-
I’m so sorry to see you leave this good work. And I can surely see why!!!! I’m 72 and identify. However, could you recommend a replacement that will now be your favorite to look to?
It’s been over 20 years I’ve had your faithful guide in my hand and am glad to have one more year.
Thank you for this wonderful effort!

2015 November 19, P Edward Murray:-
Oh sure, and thanks for asking…If you don’t mind I will give you the link for The Universe Today article: http://www.universetoday.com/26683/the-basketball-player-in-the-moon-catch-it-tonight/
Here’s what I wrote for spaceweather.com: http://spaceweather.com/submissions/large_image_popup.php?image_name=P.-Edward-Murray-Natl-Geo-Moon-fig-1_1226205439.jpg

2015 November 9, Guy:-
Please tell us all about the Basketball Player/Juggler in the Moon. Maybe not at full length, because a reply to a reply to a comment on a blog post may not be the place for that, but perhaps you can give a link to a place where it’s described.

2015 November 9, P Edward Murray:-
Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe that after next year, there will never be another Astronomica Calendar!:(
First, let me say a big THANK YOU!
I know that I’m not the only person who will miss your publication! But I begin to understand and yes, you deserve a rest!
I sincerely hope that you will find other ways to keep all of your astronomical friends advised about the doings in the night sky above!
With great affection & best wishes,
P Edward Murray
Former President,
Bucks-Mont. Astronomical Assoc., Inc
Discoverer of The Basketball Player/Juggler in The Moon.

2015 November 6, Bill:-
Hi Guy,
Devastated that my Calendar collection will end at 2016.
At 84, I recognize that eventually it’s time to rest and smell the roses.
Cheers and thanks for the years of enjoying your arts.

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