Four and a half days to the eclipse

The early morning of Thursday August 17.

You can now see the Sun, underground.    The arrows through Venus and the Sun show their motion (on the map of the sky) over five days.  Venus is moving east faster than the Sun, but will on August 21 still be 34 degrees to the Sun’s right.  You’ll probably see it become discernible in the darkening sky, before the fuller darkening into totality.

As the Moon flies on toward the Sun, I set off tomorrow morning across the ocean to my own appointment with the eclipse, and may not be able to communicate any more till after it.

3 thoughts on “Four and a half days to the eclipse”

  1. Guy,

    I hope you enjoyed a good view of the eclipse from your location. I went to the small town of Niota, Tennessee, right off of Interstate 75 halfway between Knoxville and Chattanooga, and we had perfectly clear skies for the event. The local elementary school had cancelled classes for the day and allowed the public to park there and use their facilities for a small donation. It was a breathtaking experience, and even my daughter, who is not into astronomy, was genuinely impressed. I hope others who traveled to see it had good weather as well.


  2. The Moon’s and yours – the destination is the same – the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug, 21, 2017 – clouds better watch out and keep out of way and don’t mess up with Guy. Best wishes from Satyendra Bhandari

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