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Astronomical Calendar, the future

When I started the Astronomical Calendar in a small way, I didn't expect to be doing it for a second year, let alone a fortieth. The fortieth issue, for 2013, has come, and I expected it to be the last, because it had become an almost unbearable amount of labor. But I've arrived at a plan which I think will rejuvenate it, as it rejuvenates my interest in it.

Astronomical Calendar 2014 will return to the letter-size format of the original (1974) book, though with many more pages.   This will bring flexibility. Instead of the many supplementary sections, almost everything about each month — such as clusters of illustrated information on its eclipses,conjunctions, meteor showers — will be within that month, taking a flexible number of pages. The book will be handier and will pull together in one place what you want to know about the sky tonight.

UPDATE: No, the large page size will stay after all, partly because there have been howls of protest, but mainly because some good illustrations can't fit in otherwise.
Part of the plan is to have a section of color pages. Here is a preview of one of the features

— Guy

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