A glossary of astronomical terms and names, with their meanings, derivations, and pronunciations (which are given in phonetic letters). The 50 pages of glossary contain articles on 694 topics, with illustrations for 16 of them.There is an 8-page “Appendix: a Smattering of Linguistics for Astronomers”, with explanation of the features of Greek, Latin, English, and Arabic necessary to understand why we spell and pronounce things the way we do. Here is help to deconfuse you about the “genitive” forms of constellations (“Alpha Orionis”) and about why there are differing American and British traditions of pronouncing Greek names.

8.5 x 11 in., 64 pages, diagram, color cover. 1996. ISBN 978-0-934546-34-8.

“I started with ‘aberration,’ but I fear I may never reach ‘zodiac’—the author diverts me so often and magnetically” —A reader in Pennsylvania
Albedo to Zodiac serves as a fine reference . . .  It’s actually kind of fun to just sit and read on its own.” —Sky & Telescope

Albedo to Zodiac excerpt