Other paths

Ready-made human rights letters (with Tilly Lavenás)

Ready-made animal rights letters (with Tilly Lavenás)

Global heating: a primer

Voting systems: a comment on the British referendum of 5 May 2011

Towns: Merida’s street names, Venice as maze, three cities called Thebes…

Xenophilia — about appreciation of the world’s minorities. Website under (slow) construction

The Lyme Maze Game — also on the “back burner”

The 2012 scare: nonsense about the Maya calendar

Blackness With Intervals, a “movie script” (PDF document, 130 pages)

On Climbing Forty Feet Above the Ground in Madagascar

Imaginary Islands

Glass Maze

Sherborne House

Working in the Drug Room

Kous Conquers, a story


Prologue to a Benefit Performance of “Richard III”

Life in the Form of a Maze