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paintings and drawings by
Guy Ottewell



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Trebbio six-way crossing, in Forence
Trebbio six-way crossing, in Florence

Via delle Belle Donne
Via delle Belle Donne, in Florence

San Stefano al Ponte
San Stefano al Ponte, in Florence

Castel Dell'Ovo
Castel dell'Ovo, Naples

Querciagrossa in the Chianti Hills

Monteriggioni near Siena

Porto Venere
Porto Venere; moon five days after the March 2006 eclipse

Scene in Venice
Scene in Venice

Scene in Venice, cleaned
Scene in Venice "cleaned"

Olive tree
Olive tree somewhere between Brindisi and Alberobello

Trulli in Alberobello
Trulli (domed houses) at Alberobello

Erchie on the Amalfitan coast

Furore on the Amalfitan coast

Nemi, outside
Nemi, outside

Nemi, inside
Nemi, inside

Nemi, inside


Nemi, inside
Zagarolo somewhere east of Rome

Orvieto profile
Orvieto, leaving in the morning

Orvieto from farther
Orvieto a mile later

Wayside flowers in Italy
Wayside flowers in Italy