The new Under-Standing of Eclipses

– is ready.

The Under-Standing of Eclipses, by Guy Ottewell

August 21, 2017, is the date we’re looking forward to, for the total solar eclipse that will cross the U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina.  And August 21, 2016, is the publication date for the new edition of my book.  Yes, it really is, or was, in the sense that I succeeded in getting the files up there before the end of that day, and the publication date established.  There was still some stuff to do before it could be announced that the book is available, but now it can.  You can see more on the Universal Workshop page and on Amazon.

This counts as the 5th edition, but there is more revision and enlargement than previously.

The major addition is a 10-page section on the eclipses of 2017 – two lunar and two solar, climaxing of course with a full treatment of August 21.  It’s like the “ECLIPSES” sections of the past Astronomical Calendars, with globe pictures, timetable of the events of the two eclipse seasons, sky view during totality, and the several other kinds of diagram that I sometimes used and sometimes didn’t.

The section on eclipses of the future is extended, and there are more “Eclipse stories.”

Eclipse stories, with cartoon by Ian Dicks


5 thoughts on “The new Under-Standing of Eclipses”

  1. Yeah! The one on Baja CA is what brought many of us together, some Europeans and me together to allow me places to stay for an eclipse in Hungary, the first of the pair of TOV’s, and my host be my guest when he visits America. The night at the bus station in Tiajuana was the slowest I’d ever seen time crawl before catching rides down the peninsula. Time flies when you’re having fun, crawls when you’re waiting for the bus. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Wishing you all well for the elcipse next Aug. :)

  2. I went frantic when I couldn’t find my first edition of this book which I’d brought to several eclipses in the past; had it signed by captain of schooners, fellow eclipse chasers, even by Guy himself. I feared it was in the piece of luggage left behind one of the hotels at which we stayed in Shanghai as our bus left. one of the passengers on board described a suitcase left on the sidewalk as we pulled away. But lo and behold, hidden behind a hard copy of “Totality” by Mark Littmann, Fred Espenak, and Ken Willcox, I found it after some days of despair. Whew! With maps from NASA publications, ticket receipts from China and other European destinations, scraps of aluminumized mylar. Such a relief. However, I’m still considering ordering a few new copies; one for myself, and some for some newbies. Yay!

  3. Congratulations! I have the second, 1993 edition but I suspect that I will end up having this one too…

  4. Loved this book. Still have my first edition. Used it as reference for the Big One I saw in Mexico 7/11/91. La Paz, Baja. Utterly awesome.

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