Astronomical Calendar Any-Year

A calendar of astronomical events for the present year:  Astronomical Calendar 2019

This is a PDF document of 20 pages, listing about 560 events, such as planets’ oppositions and conjunctions, the Moon’s phases, eclipses,  equinoxes and solstices, meteor showers, and more.

It is not an illustrated book like those printed for previous years, of which the last and best was Astronomical Calendar 2016.

However, a useful and vivid companion to the calendar list is the Zodiac Wavy Chart for the year.  This is a 2-by-3-foot poster consisting of charts all along the ecliptic for each month, colorfully showing the movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets against the background of the constellations and bright stars.  You can look from Calendar to Chart and back, to understand where and why the events happen.

Why Astronomical Calendar “Any-Year”?   Because we can now produce the Calendar  and the Zodiac Wavy Chart fornext year, or for any (at any rate not too distant) year.  If done, they will be announced in our blog and will become available here.

—-Guy Ottewell