Astronomical Calendar 2018

This is not intended to be as full as my printed books for the previous years, of which the last and best was Astronomical Calendar 2016.  I shall add features from time to time.

You can keep each page open while looking at others or at a my blog.

These are PDF documents.  You should be able to enlarge a PDF on your screen and look at details with fine resolution – an advantage of electronics over paper.   One way to enlarge is to hold the “Control” key down (Mac: “Command”)  while rolling the wheel of your mouse.  You should be able to move the enlarged picture around by using a “hand” tool or by holding the “alt” key down.  On an iPad, tap with three fingers to enlarge. I would be glad to know whether these work for you, and what the equivalent actions are on a phone.

Do advise me (by email) of any glitches you notice.  —Guy Ottewell

Timetable of events
The Moon