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Paintings and drawings

Ready-made human rights letters (with Tilly Lavenás)

Ready-made animal rights letters (with Tilly Lavenás)

Global heating: a primer

Voting systems: a comment on the British referendum of 5 May 2011

Towns: Merida's street names, Venice as maze, three cities called Thebes...

Xenophilia — about appreciation of the world's minorities. Website under (slow) construction

The Lyme Maze Game — also on the “back burner”

The 2012 scare: nonsense about the Maya calendar

Blackness With Intervals, a “movie script” (PDF document, 130 pages)

On Climbing Forty Feet Above the Ground in Madagascar

Imaginary Islands

Glass Maze

Sherborne House

Working in the Drug Room


Life in the Form of a Maze