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Astronomical Calendar 2015:
Section on ASTEROIDS: The positions for Ceres are in error because of a mistake in its orbital elements (now given as those of a "dwarf planet" instead of a "minor planet" (asteroid). A corrected chart is here.

Astronomical Calendar 2014:
Inside front cover: a corrected version of the map of equatorial countries is here.
Page 5, top chart: The path of Venus was inadvertently deleted. The complete page is here.
30, section "Earth and Sun in June, parag. 2: what occurs on June 14 is earliest sunrise, not earliest sunset. This is correct in the "June Events" table on the facing page.

Astronomical Calendar 2013:
Page 2, top right: the small calendar for 2012 was inadvertently retained, though the version for 2013 had been plotted and is shown here. If you wish to have this illustration on paper and cannot print it yourself the author is willing to print and mail it to you.
64, charts for Comets C/2012 F6 Lemmon and C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS: constellation label “Sagittarius” should be “Aquarius.”
72, occultations, Table I, line 3, Jan. 22: for “Europe, N America” read “S America.”

Astronomical Calendar 2012:
Pages 8-28 (left-hand pages): the running heads at the tops of these pages incorrectly read “Astronomical Calendar 2011”. The material on the pages, however, is correct for 2012
37: the “Strip-chart of the Moon” for 2011 was accidentally retained. The 2012 chart can be found here. (This is a PDF document.) You can obtain a free print of the correct page from CustomerService@UniversalWorkshop.com
75: the last cross-heading should read “Lookahead to 2012”.

Astronomical Calendar 2010
Page 27: the lines for November 22-30 were dropped. The corrected page can be found here. (This is a PDF document.)

The Astronomical Companion
Page 22, col. 1, paragraph beginning "Yet another step": by summer time, solar 7 a.m. becomes clock 8, not 6.
33: in the diagram of the nodes, the ecliptic and the Moon's track for 1973 are transposed. A corrected page is here.
53, "SPECTRAL TYPES": the last paragraph should end: "broadens the spectral lines. By this and other clues the stars can be put in low- and high-luminosity classes—dwarfs and giants."<

The Thousand-Yard Model
(errors in 2012 edition corrected in 2014 printing)
Page 11: the 3rd paragrapj, truncated in printing, should read:
“Since pecans, pinheads, peanuts and especially peppercorns cannot always be readily found when another demonstration is called for, I keep at least one planetary system on hand, in one of the small canisters in which 35-millimeter film is sold.”
18: the last paragraph of section “The emptiness of space” should have a final line:
“important gravitational influence on the Earth.”


If you notice other errors, you are welcome to inform the author.