Paperwork Reduction Act

These curious tunnels –






– seem to be attempts to show positions of Halley’s Comet, along a time-dimension.

They are part of a mass of paper that I’m at this moment throwing out for recycling. They and about a hundred other sheets, mostly dense-printed tables of numbers or code, were in one of several ring binders marked “Halley” or just “H” and date from the time when Fred Schaaf and I were composing our book called Mankind’s Comet.  That was back in the time of paper.

Though there are traces of pencil annotations, and though some of the pages of code must be the program that generated these diagrams, no, I can’t explain them.

2 thoughts on “Paperwork Reduction Act”

  1. Mankind’s Comet – I’ve still got my copy… delightful book. A worthy cause for the trees that gave their lives. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, Dave!
      One regret about it was that it wasn’t on acid-free paper, and I remember a librarian writing to reproach me – he said the pages would fall out of their binding sometime much sooner than the end of the universe.

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