Another reason to be vegetarian

This makes me so angry I can hardly speak.

The treatment of meat animals is already unspeakable cruelty on an astronomical scale.  Britain now takes a step backward toward those countries where you see trusses of chickens dangling by their legs.  Handing over the “regulation” of the animal prisons to the meat-packing industrialists – that’s like replacing a hospital’s doctors with morticians.


5 thoughts on “Another reason to be vegetarian”

  1. I’m sorry to hear this. It sounds like another reason not to vote Conservative.

    1. On the whole, it is, but the cutting back of these regulations began under a Labour government (according to an accompanying opinion article in the same paper which at the moment I can’t fine).

      1. That’s discouraging. These regulations protect workers from injury and accident as well as providing minimal animal welfare. The meat industry is already a very dangerous place to work, and deregulation makes it more dangerous.

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