From here on down

On Monday June 27 comes the year’s latest sunset, which from one point of view seems the beginning of the decline of summer, though there are other points of view.  (And it’s strictly true only for latitude 40 north.)  Like the latest sunrise in January, it doesn’t quite coincide with the solstice.

There are usually alternative points of view.  One country of which I am a citizen has just divided angrily over whether to stay in the movement toward international cooperation, and the other could.  I think I will venture to connect another of my collections of notes, to which I have given the title “Scump.”


2 thoughts on “From here on down”

  1. I just started on a book called The End of Night by Paul Bogard. He was talking with Rob Lambert, president of the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Rob said, “The greatest stars of Las Vegas can’t be seen from the Strip” – like him, I prefer the greater stars I see in my scope. :)

  2. The Scump post is quite an article. Such writings remind me why I continue to think of my dad as one of the greatest men I know. He was patient, honest, never lied, generous to those in need with his money and time, and wiser than I know. He didn’t have millions, billions, or illions. He was a great man. These other folks, despite of their ill obtained great riches are not considered great or comparable by any means.

    As I look out at the night sky and the beautiful cosmos, I take comfort in the overwhelming expanse of the starry universe and it’s amazing content and design. The One who breathed it into existence will honor the truly great. My dad will be among them.

    Who are some of the truly great? Those we should search out and list.

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