To Know the Stars

If you still need a seasonal gift for someone, I have to suggest –


(Information on the book is here.)

There is science and fun in this “astronomy primer” for children and anyone.  Here are some glimpses.

tk-lyingonbackYou under the revolving sky.

tk-mapjanJanuary sky dome.

tk-orioncolorOrion confronting Taurus.

tk-quiz  A quiz when you reach September.

tk-yourareinspaceStarting from the simplest.

iancoyoteCoyote scattering the stars, which the gods had been arranging neatly.

andromedagalaxyAnother island universe (the Great Galaxy in Andromeda).

tk-coronaThe out-bursting of the corona.

earthfripadThe third planet.

plutoorbitPluto’s orbit.

cometwestA comet’s tail.

metrailwayMeteor-shower perspective.

flamecandleRed is coolest.

hertzsprThe star-color graph.

tk-starsnearestThe nearest stars.

tk-lipolLight pollution.

tk-telescopeopticsHow telescopes work.

zodiacThe zodiac.

sunwentdown“And the sun went down and the stars came out, far over the western sea…”



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  1. I can attest that this is a good beginner’s book on stargazing. Very useful for either a young person or anyone who is curious about the skies above.

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